Elon Musk booked a flight into space with Virgin Galactic paying $ 10,000 in advance


Virgin Galactic made its maiden flight this Sunday sending its founder, Richard Branson, with colleagues, 85.9 kilometers above sea level. Musk has not said anything about flying with his own company, SpaceX.

Elon Musk, the outgoing CEO of SpaceX, has booked his ticket to go to space, but not with his own company, but with that of his friend Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic.

Musk, who arrived in New Mexico early Sunday morning to greet Branson before the maiden flight, reserved a seat to board VSS Unity, paying a down payment of $ 10,000 of the 250,000 total, which also includes the training and spacesuit.

The news was confirmed by Branson himself to The Sunday Times, revealing that Musk is one of the 600 famous people who already have the right to a ticket at more than 80 kilometers of altitude, with names like Tom Hanks, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga.

At the moment, there is no date for the launch, but it is expected to be in the course of 2022 when Virgin Galactic begins to regularly transport tourists to space.

"Elon is a friend and maybe he'll ride one of his boats one day," said the 70-year-old.

Friends more than enemies

Musk has become close friends with Branson and has shown it especially after the punches thrown by Jeff Bezos to the founder of Virgin Galactic.

Bezos, Amazon founder and head of Blue Origin competes with Virgin Galactic in the field of space tourism but also competes with SpaceX of Elon Musk to win bids towards the conquest of the Moon and Mars.

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