Elon Musk called Tesla's autopilot not the best

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Monday called the latest release of the Tesla FSD Beta 9.2 autopilot system software, not the best.

The autopilot in FSD Beta 9.2 is actually not the best, but the whole team is actively working to improve the system as quickly as possible. We are trying to create a single program code for driving a car for both highways and city streets, but this requires serious retraining of the neural network. - Elon Musk

The company sells the Full Self-Driving (or FSD) package for $ 10,000 or by subscription for $ 199 per month in the United States. This driver assistance system does not make Tesla electric vehicles completely safe and does not allow the driver to be completely distracted from the road situation.

The FSD beta is only available to select drivers who have previously purchased the Full Self-Driving package and Tesla employees. The beta version includes new or recently improved features that are being added to premium driver assistance features.

Drivers generally agree to keep their experiences private, although some FSD public beta users are allowed to post videos on social media showing and criticizing the latest features they've tried on US roads.

Last week, NHTSA, the U.S. Highway Traffic Safety Agency, opened an investigation into 11 incidents involving Tesla electric vehicles, which killed one person and injured 17.

Just a few hours ago, Elon Musk added that he was already testing Tesla FSD Beta 9.3, which works much better.

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