Elon Musk confirms Starship's ability to return the Hubble telescope to Earth

The founder of SpaceX announced that his Starship spacecraft, intended for a space trip to Mars, is able to return the American Hubble Space Telescope to Earth.

And that was after a Twitter user asked Elon Musk if his Starship spacecraft, which is still under testing, could save the legendary American space telescope. "Of course, it is able to carry out that process and return the Hubble to Earth, Musk said.

It is noteworthy that "Hubble", which has been operating in Earth's orbit since 1990, is one of the major space telescopes and was manufactured by the NASA team in cooperation with the European Space Agency. The international media had reported earlier that the telescope was facing technical problems, after its electronic computer, responsible for operating all of its devices, broke down on June 13, and NASA experts were unable for a week to restore its readiness.

It is worth noting that the Russian government has invested 3.7 billion rubles (about 50 million dollars) to design a space laboratory similar to the American "Hubble" laboratory. It was manufactured by the Russian company "Lavochkin" for space devices. It is expected that the space laboratory operating in the field of ultraviolet frequencies will be ready by 2025.

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