Elon Musk influences the decisions of a third of cryptocurrency holders

A survey of 1,000 US cryptocurrency holders revealed some interesting points about how they invest and what they can give up to keep their investments.

According to the survey results, investments are mainly made after discussion in thematic forums on Reddit. 35% of those surveyed admitted that Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk influenced their cryptocurrency decisions.

On average, the Americans surveyed own $ 1707 worth of cryptocurrency, with gender and age significantly affecting the size of investments and the circumstances under which they were made. 37% of crypto investors will not touch their assets, even if they urgently need money. 51% will probably cash out to pay for a vacation or luxury item.

To invest in cryptocurrency, more than 11% stopped saving for a rainy day or made a purchase that would significantly improve their lives. Generation Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) have an average of $ 1,954 in crypto, followed by Gen X (1965-1986) and Millennials, and Gen Z with an average of $ 1,201 dollars.

Men have an average of $ 1940 worth of crypto, which is $ 565 more than women. Next year, men plan to invest an additional $ 1,988 on average - $ 878 more than women.

Respondents plan to hold their cryptocurrency for an average of five years, as 24% have recently made strong profits, and 21% said they see this as a way to hedge against inflation.

Baby boomers said they could sell bitcoins if the price increased by 65%, and millennials would decide to sell if the price increased by 58%.

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