Elon Musk Introduces Tesla's Fastest Electric Car


With a top speed of 200 miles per hour, the Model S Plaid is widely regarded as the fastest car Tesla has ever built. Introducing it, the Tesla CEO compared his car's entertainment system to that of a PlayStation 5 console, which is equipped with a 22-speaker sound system.

He said, this is what I call physics limit engineering. If you think about where the future of the car is, often in autopilot or autonomous driving mode, entertainment is going to become more and more important. You're going to want to watch movies, play video games and use the Internet.

The Model S plaid Tesla characterized powerful engine is capable of reaching 100 km per hour in two seconds. In addition, it can travel about 630 km without being recharged. Another peculiar virtue of the electric car is that recharging it for 15 minutes allows the driver to travel 315 km.

To these features is added the entertainment system that the Model S Plaid offers to its users. In the car, you can play Cybertruck 2077 with power equal to that of a PlayStation 5 console, thanks to Tesla engineers who have also developed a 22-speaker sound system for this car.

The price of the Model S Plaid amounts to about $ 130,000 and there are already several people who have made the purchase of the car and it is expected that in a few weeks hundreds of these models will be available on the market.

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