Elon Musk reveals the creation of the first oceanic space port

SpaceX plans to launch a next-generation Starship rocket and land it on an oceanic spaceport early next year. The spacecraft can someday carry up to 100 crew members to the moon, Mars, and beyond, the powerful launch vehicle can also be used to travel from city to city, bringing global cities closer than ever before, according to Digitartlends.

The private spaceflight company's initial goal is to build two floating spaceports called Deimos and Phobos, named after the moons of Mars.

In response to a fan's tweet that included a photo of how the spaceport would look, SpaceX President Elon Musk confirmed that construction is already underway at Deimos.

Spaceports are being built on oil rig rigs purchased in 2020 for a total of $ 7 million from Valaris, the world's largest offshore rig owner.

Musk's desire to use SpaceX hardware - including rockets, spacecraft, and floating platforms - to travel from city to city made its debut during an appearance at the International Astronautical Congress in Australia in 2017. SpaceX's CEO at the time said the system would, Allowing passengers to "travel to most places on Earth in less than 30 minutes and anywhere in less than 60," adding that the cost of a seat is the same as the economy fare on a conventional flight.

The company has also released an animation showing the plan.

The final flight, which took place in early May, landed safely and remained intact, giving the team a major boost as it works to improve the Starship's flight system.

On its next orbital flight, the Starship will launch on top of a Super Heavy rocket under development from SpaceX, it's a reusable two-stage system that SpaceX says will someday transport humans to Mars, and also make the global transportation system possible.

Job listings published by SpaceX last year indicate that the team tasked with building the spaceports is located in Brownsville, Texas, near SpaceX's Starship test site in Boca Chica. crew and passengers, but Musk revealed that work is underway to build the first-ever oceanic spaceport that shows the company is heading toward its goal.

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