Elon Musk's first underground tunnel is now a reality

The founder of Tesla presents one of his most ambitious projects, an underground tunnel network that has just been presented in Las Vegas. Although Elon Musk ceased to be the president of Tesla long ago, the businessman owns other companies that are prominent in the industry, such as SpaceX and others less known but as unique as The Boring Company.

This firm, which we have already told you about on previous occasions, has among its main projects the realization of a series of underground highways, which will be of great help when it comes to lightening the traffic of some cities like Los Angeles and although we knew its first details since April 2018, now this original form of transport has just been officially presented in Las Vegas.

Tunnels to save urban mobility

Its debut has been quite an event and several media outlets have been echoed, such as the Fox network. The tunnel covers the Las Vegas Convention Center, one of the busiest areas in the United States, since it has managed to bring together more than 100,000 people before the pandemic, so mobility between areas is a challenge.

This tunnel has a maximum capacity of 4,440 passengers/hour and at the moment, cars can circulate at a maximum speed of 56 km / h, as if it were any subway. Now, the project happens because the displacements are much faster in the future.

The recently presented infrastructure has a length of 1.5 miles, about 2.40 kilometers underground, with which to speed up urban traffic in an entire area that, if it were done on foot, would be about 15 kilometers away. In total, the tunnel route does not take more than two minutes in any of the current Tesla, which act as a shuttle-type vehicle, and which are used on a route that has been baptized with the name of Convention Center Loop.

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Convention Center Loop Time

On previous occasions, The Boring Company had shown prototypes valued at about 10 million dollars, such as the one just below the SpaceX facilities in Hawthorne (Los Angeles County) and the Musk brand had also stressed that only electric vehicles And autonomous driving technology could use it, although it is expected that cyclists and users of other alternative means of transport can also use them at a cost of approximately one dollar a day.

Elon Musk hopes that cars can reach up to 240 km / h in these tunnels.

The tests have been carried out with Tesla Model X vehicles equipped with a special guidance system that avoids collision with the walls, which could be installed in the future in the models of the Californian firm for a cost that varies between 200 and 300 euros. Now it remains to be known which vehicles will move through these tunnels and, above all, at what real speeds, since the objective remains that they can reach 240 kilometers/hour in many sections.

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