Elon musk spacecraft will deliver people to the Moon in 2024

SpaceX chief Elon Musk tweeted Saturday that the Starship spacecraft will be ready to fly to the moon by 2024. Asked by a Twitter user, “ Do you expect Lunar Starship to be ready to drop humans in 2024 (despite other delays)? ", Musk replied, literally, the following: " Probably earlier. " That is, the Ilona Mask spacecraft for delivering people to the moon will be ready until 2024. Previously, NASA called 2024 the most ambitious date possible for people to return to the moon.

Last week, when it became known that NASA was behind schedule for the development of new suits and that they may not be ready by 2025, Musk said: " SpaceX can do it if need be. " It is possible that SpaceX will help NASA in this.

Recall that in April, SpaceX won a $ 2.89 billion NASA contract for the design and construction of a lunar lander. SpaceX's offer turned out to be more attractive than the other two contenders, including Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin.

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