Elon Musk, the richest man on the planet, wages zero dollars last year

Tesla is a public company, it cannot hide even small details about financial flows. Tesla also reveals data on the salaries of key employees, and in the next published documents, it is indicated that the head of the company (concurrently, the richest man in the world and "techno-king Tesla", as he calls himself) Elon Musk officially earned ... zero dollars. Although back in 2019, his salary was $ 23,760.

Tesla filings say that “ Mr. Musk has historically received a base salary that reflects the applicable minimum wage requirements under California law, and he pays income tax based on that base wage. However, he never accepted his salary. Since May 2019, at the request of Mr. Musk, we have completely eliminated the accrual and payment of this base salary. "

At the same time, Tesla's documents indicate the salaries of other top managers of the company, and they certainly have nothing to complain about. For example, CFO Zakhari Kirkkhorn earned $ 46.6 million in 2020.

Despite the fact that Musk does not have an official salary, his income still exceeds millions of dollars a year. It's all about an agreement with Tesla's board of directors, according to which Musk receives 1% of the company's shares about once a year, provided that the previously agreed financial indicators are met.

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