Elon Musk warns of excessive reliance on self-driving in Tesla cars

CEO Elon Musk has warned electric car owners not to become obsessed with unknown Tesla safety issues, stressing avoiding over-reliance on assistive driving technology, while Tesla rolled out the next version of its completely self-driving program. FSD), which purportedly gives its cars the ability to obey traffic lights and change lanes automatically.

Musk said in a series of tweets, that safety is always a top priority at Tesla.

Official notes for the release of the FSD v9 beta also warn drivers not to be overconfident, according to screenshots taken by the driver, TeslaRaj.

Full autonomous driving in the early limited access beta should be used with extra caution. You might do something wrong at the worst of times, so you should always keep your hands on the steering wheel and pay extra attention to the road.

Tesla has included some features to update the software to make sure that doesn't happen, as the car will issue audio alerts, for example, if it detects drivers aren't paying attention to the road.

While Musk has been talking about full autonomous driving (FSD) for more than five years, but emails leaked in March revealed that the technology is far from providing hands-free capabilities, as there are five levels of autonomy, according to the Society of Engineers. Automotive (SAE).

Levels 0 to 2 state that humans must drive cars with their hands on the wheel and supervise partially automated jobs.

At Level 3 to Level 5, vehicles are able to take on more responsibility, with Level 5 described as being completely independent in all traffic and weather conditions.

Documents between Tesla's attorneys and the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) said vehicles using the company's latest beta version will not pass the second level of autonomy.

This requires drivers to remain aware and in control of the brakes, throttle and steering, despite Musk's promise of fully autonomous driving by 2021.

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