Enemies in Returnal

What pitfalls await you on the planet Atropos?

The first big exclusivity for PlayStation 5 this year in the form of the third-person Returnal event is really approaching very fast, so it's the right time to get acquainted with the individual elements.

A new demo was released yesterday, which presents in more detail the enemies you encounter during your journey through the planet Atropos. And as the protagonist herself says in the introduction to the video, they are creatures you haven't seen before.

You can look forward to Mycomoprh attacking spores, fast Titanops, robotic Automaton, Gorgolith lurking in the sand, or the angelic boss Ixion. In addition, you will meet a creature called Infected Scout, which looks a lot like the main heroine.

You can pre-order the title in the Xzone store, where you will also get an original T-shirt.

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