Epic Asks Apple To Restore Fortnite On The App Store In Compliance With New South Korean Law

Following a new law in South Korea that forces Apple and Google to accept alternative payment options, Epic Games has asked Apple to allow Fortnite to be restored on the App Store in South Korea. If Apple allows Fortnite to be re-released on iOS in Korea, Epic Games will offer users the choice of paying via Epic or Apple.

A new South Korean law amends the country's Telecommunications Business Law, prohibiting large app store operators from requiring their own payment services and delaying app approval or unfairly denying them access to their markets. Failure to do so may result in a fine of up to 3% of the company's revenue in South Korea.

Apple told reporters that it turned down Epic's request - the company needs time to assess what actions it needs to take to comply with the letter of the law.

Fortnite was removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in August 2020, prompting Epic Games to sue both companies. So far, the company has not asked to restore its game to Google Play.

Apple has confirmed that from next year it will avoid paying a 30 percent fee when subscribing to an app/service through the App Store to developers around the world.

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