Epic picks up "Gods Will Fall" for free this week

pic has now launched a new "Happy Plus One" event. This week's free game is "Gods Will Fall", and the free claim time is from January 7th to January 14th at 00:00.

Gods Will Fall is an action-adventure game. The game's introduction shows that the gods' abuse and domination of humans have continued for thousands of years. They rule with cruelty and pain and require every man, woman, and child to swear allegiance and worship them blindly. And to those who would not bow down for the gods, they would unmercifully descend slow pains, torment them to death.

In the game, players will experience the brutal test of a team of military and civilized warriors in this desperate predicament to free humanity from the ruthless control of the gods. Every man and woman who can't stand the endless cruel rule of the gods and can take up their swords will be summoned to your side to form 8 Celtic survivor families and chase after them, against the horrific legions of beasts and minions that inhabit the hell realm of the gods.

Epic will present "Galactic Civilization 3" next week.

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