EQB, the electric SUV from Mercedes


Mercedes unveiled at the Shanghai International Motor Show 2021 the EQB, the electric SUV that made its debut on the company's electric roadmap late last year. The new model strongly resembles the company's current GLB SUV, albeit with a newly designed front fascia and an all-electric platform.

The EQB features a boxy design, which is a more classic SUV design than the EQS, is slightly longer, and seats up to seven people with two seats in the third row large enough for adults. And as with most luxury electric cars these days, it has two large screens for the dashboard system and infotainment system, all powered by Mercedes MBUX. Mercedes launched the EQS earlier this month with a massive 107.8 kW battery pack and an estimated range of 770 km.

The EQB marks the first electric SUV the company has sold in the US after it scrapped plans to introduce the EQC electric SUV in the US in February. It is also the second electric vehicle from Mercedes to be sold in the United States after the EQS went on sale later this year.

However, the EQB arrives with a much smaller battery of 66.5 kW and a reduced range of 420 km and can be charged at a rate of up to 100 kW, but Mercedes said it is working on a longer-range version.

The EQB comes in front-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive versions with up to 270 horsepower and is first launched in China and Europe by the end of 2021, and the American model will be imported from Europe upon its arrival in 2022. There is no pricing info, but it should be much lower than the EQS over $ 100,000, especially considering the much smaller battery.

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