Europe started accepting pre-orders for the Nissan Ariya

The new electric crossover Nissan Ariya has become available for pre-order in Europe, at the same time the prices of the various versions have been announced. It turned out that the Nissan Ariya costs twice as much as the Nissan Leaf.

European pre-orders have started in Norway, where EVs and hybrids account for over 85% of new car sales. A basic crossover with a front-wheel drive and a 66 kWh battery cost 40 thousand euros, while the base version of the Nissan Leaf with a 40 kW/h battery costs 21.5 thousand euros. The base Nissan Ariya received one 160 kW electric motor and a range of 360 km.

Nissan Ariya with an 87 kW/h battery and front-wheel drive, a 178 kW engine, and a 500 km cruising range will cost at least 48.8 thousand euros. The all-wheel-drive crossover Ariya e-4ORCE with two 225 kW electric motors, a cruising range of 460 km, and an 87 kWh battery costs 51.7 thousand euros. The same car with the maximum range of options is offered for 56.2 thousand euros.

Despite the start of accepting pre-orders, deliveries will begin only in the summer of 2022. The main reason is cited as the well-known chip shortage facing the automotive industry.

Nissan Ariya's climate control system looks very interesting. The unit is integrated into the lower part of the dashboard, which has a wood texture. This provides not only sound but also tactile feedback.

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