Eve and Blade to put 60 flying taxis into service by 2026


In just 5 years these eVTOL models will begin to fly through the cities of South Florida and the West Coast of the USA within the Blade Air Mobility service

There are many manufacturers still unknown to the general public who are trying their luck with the flourishing market of flying taxis, one of them is Eve, a manufacturer of eVTOL vehicles that has the backing of the Brazilian aeronautical manufacturer Embraer and that plans to put its first flying taxis in the skies of some major US cities in 2026.

From the UK to South Florida

And the truth is that it has not been doing badly at all since its inception in 2020, with ongoing contracts with different companies, with which it hopes to put its first vehicles into operation also in the United Kingdom or Brazil. However, its latest agreement has been with Blade Air Mobility, an air mobility services platform for the United States that will receive 60 air taxis from Eve with which it will complete a fleet that will be ready in just 5 years to offer flights in cities in the south of Florida and the West Coast of the USA.

As explained in a statement, these vehicles will allow Blade to offer up to 60,000 flight hours per year thanks to a model that for the moment can be seen recreated in images but which has already carried out its first tests.

A new competitor in the air

We are talking about an eVTOL type vehicle that seems to have eight propellers, four of them for take-off and another two in a vertical position to move the vehicle already in flight. Its cabin will predictably carry around four passengers and will have a fifth-generation fly-by-wire system. At the moment Eve has not given more details about this model so we hope to know more about this model that will seek to gain a foothold in a market that increasingly has more renowned players, such as Uber and Hyundai, Porsche and Boeing, Audi, Airbus and Italdesign, Rolls-Royce and others less known as Lilium in search of the conquest of the skies.

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