Everwild development has reportedly been restarted

One of the expected Xbox titles, which we, unfortunately, did not see at yesterday's Xbox presentation, was the upcoming Everwild adventure from the developers from the Rare studio. VGC magazine has now come up with a relatively extensive report, which explains the reason for the absence of the title - the development was to be completely restarted.

"According to our information, the departure of creative director Simon Woodroff last year led to a complete overhaul of the design and game direction, along with significant changes in project management. According to people familiar with the development of Everwild, the design of the game was essentially "restarted from scratch", which means that it will probably take several years for the game to be released. "

Journalist Jeff Grubb also recently commented on this topic, according to whose information the development is said to take longer than originally expected.

VGC added that the team working on Everwild is now optimistic about the release in 2024 and that the reboot has invited Rare's oldest creative employee, designer Gregg Mayles. He led the design of many studio hits, including Donkey Kong Country, Banjo-Kazooie, Viva Pinata, and Sea of ​​Thieves.

The 2024 release would then mark a decade of Everwild's development. Although the game was not announced until 2019, it has been worked on in the studio for several years.

The last interesting piece of information is that a small team of developers had trouble determining the clear game direction beyond the impressive visual style and soundtrack. Last year, it was supposed to be a third-party adventure that contained supernatural elements. However, it is not certain how many original ideas will remain in the game after its reboot. Allegedly, it is part of the task so that there are no fights in the game.

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