Every fourth child spends all his free time on gadgets

Kaspersky Lab experts shared interesting statistics on the results of a study of the digital habits of modern children. Most often, children need the Internet for playing games (in 76% of cases), watching videos (in 70% of cases), communicating with friends (in 67% of cases), and preparing for lessons (in 53% of cases).

The most popular gadget among teenagers is the smartphone. 80% of the surveyed schoolchildren cannot do without it. According to the same survey, 93% of children in primary school have a smartphone. As parents note, 53% of children spend one to four hours a day on gadgets; more than a quarter (26%) spend all their free time on them.

Andrey Sidenko, head of Kaspersky Lab's online child safety department, emphasized:

While gadgets and the online space are a matter of course for today's kids, parents also have a lot to do with shaping digital habits. So, according to our survey, 99% use gadgets when traveling to keep their children busy, while 93% try to provide educational content. We ourselves teach children to spend their free time in front of the screen and rely on technology in many aspects of our lives. This does not mean that you need to restrict children's access to devices or the Internet, but you need to help them develop healthy digital habits and skills in the field of online safety.
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