Everything you need to know about Andy Gacy, the new Amazon chief after Jeff Bezos


Andy Gacy became the new CEO of Amazon as of yesterday, July 5, 2021, after Jeff Bezos stepped down from the position, as Bezos said in a letter addressed to employees at Amazon in February 2021 that he would move to the position of CEO of the Amazon Board of Directors, and while Bezos will continue to focus on new products and early initiatives, Gacy will take care of all things Amazon, and here's everything you need to know about Andy Gacy, the new CEO at one of the largest cloud computing companies in the world.

Andy Gacy started his career at Amazon in 1997 as a Marketing Manager. Andy Gacy joined Amazon in 1997 and was a project manager at MBI early in his career. Andy Gacy earned his MBA from Harvard Business School, followed by a job at Amazon.

Andy Gacy was a technical assistant to Jeff Bezos in his early days. In the early 2000s, he worked as a technical assistant for Bezos, and he was an important person who led Amazon to look outside of book sales only.

Andy Jassy is best known as the founder of Amazon Web Services (AWS), where he started the service with a team of 57 people, and after 13 years, he was promoted to CEO at AWS, and one of the main reasons Jassy is the new CEO is due to his success at AWS Which turned Amazon into a cloud computing company of e-commerce only.

Andy Gacy is 53 years old and married with two children in the United States. He is married to Ilana Rochelle Kaplan and lives in Seattle, United States.

After Jeff Wilk's retirement, it was almost decided that Gacy would be the next CEO, after the head of the consumer sector Jeff Wilk announced his retirement, it was quite certain that Gacy would take over, as Wilk was the second-highest-ranking official at Amazon. Jassy's biggest challenge: losing a $10 billion Pentagon cloud contract to Microsoft

Jassy also owns part of the new Seattle National Hockey franchise. Aside from his work at Amazon, Jassy loves sports and is a partial owner of the new Seattle National Hockey franchise, Kraken, which will join the league in the 2021-2022 season.

Jassy feels that innovation is the key to success in life. You want to reinvent when you're healthy, and you want to reinvent all the time. You have to be financial, tireless, and persistent in getting to the truth. You have to know What works and what doesn't.

Jassy has over $30 million worth of stocks in Amazon, and his base salary was $175,000 when he was CEO of AWS in 2020.

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