Everything you need to know about the highly anticipated Far Cry 6 game so far


The Far Cry franchise is one of Ubisoft's most iconic landmarks in the open world of action and adventure, as well as the world of video games, a game that focuses on exploration and fighting hostile forces in exotic locations.

With the new installment, Far Cry 6, all eyes are turning to a new location known as Yara Island, based largely on the island that implicitly expresses Cuba's history during a period of political and social revolution, as the citizens of Yarra begin their campaign to overthrow the ruthless dictator, President Castillo.

Ubisoft provided new details about Far Cry 6 through a live broadcast recently and continues to provide more information about the game's story and release date, and the company confirmed that it has a lot to reveal during the upcoming E3 2021 conference.

Date of publication

When Ubisoft first revealed the game in August 2020, it announced that Far Cry 6 would be released in February 2021. However, the effects of the coronavirus pandemic delayed development, and the game's release was pushed back to October 7, 2021.

What platforms will it be available on?

Far Cry 6 will be a multi-platform and multi-generational game and is scheduled to be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, as well as Series X - S and Google Stadia.

What is known about the story so far?

The news available about Far Cry 6 indicates that it is a standalone game that doesn't tie much with the previous parts, which is good news for gamers or those who have known the game recently, considering that Far Cry 5 unexpectedly brought the series into a post-apocalyptic era The end of the world, while Far Cry 6 takes place in the present, and the modern world is still intact, but the game takes place on the island of Yarra, a country isolated from the rest of the world due to economic sanctions, as explained by the developers in an interview with GameSpot.

The player will be a citizen of Yarra Island who joins the rebel forces and will make his way across the island to dismantle the country's regimes of power before facing President Anton Castillo in the final phase of the famous game.

According to Ubisoft's director of the story, Naveed Khavari, in a post on the company's website, Far Cry 6 will be a political game. It will be in the context of the fictional Yarra Island people.

Will Far Cry 6 be a multiplayer game?

Ubisoft confirmed that Far Cry 6 will be like the previous parts in the series, where there will be the option of cooperation between players to join some and explore the game world together, but the company and its developers have not talked in detail about the scope of cooperative multiplayer between players, and the information available so far indicates that the scope of Co-op will be similar to previous games, where the player and his friends can take on side missions and activities in the world, but the main story missions will only be available individually.

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