Exomotive Exocet: The V8 Beast with Mazda MX-5 DNA

The Mazda MX-5 is one of the most loved models by lovers of pure driving thanks to a very contained weight, an excellent set-up, and enough power to play with it all. However, there are those who think that it could go even further with a little more power. If you are one of these types of people, we present you with one of the most extreme proposals that you can find with a base, because what if we put a supercharged General Motors V8 LSA engine in this cocktail?

It is just what the Exomotive Exotec Sport proposes, a kind of kart registered on steroids that combines the 541 CV of American power of its V8 with the weight and DNA of a Mazda Miata.

541 hp for only 907 kg of weight

In fact, the Exocet was born as a kind of tubular chassis kit designed for the powertrain and suspensions of the famous Mazda MX-5, in fact, those responsible for its creation are a company based in Colorado called Flyin 'Miata that is in charge of installing the new General Motors supercharged engine with its 541 hp and 794 Nm of maximum torque. Very serious figures if we consider that the set, with its huge engine included, only weighs about 907 kg.

In fact, this vehicle not only stands out for its engine and lightness but also for a very sporty set-up with first-rate components such as a six-speed T56 transmission with a limited-slip differential from a Cadillac CTS-V, a suspension with AFCO coilovers, Wilwood brakes, and 15-inch wheels shod on Toyo Proxes R888 tires to keep this beast steady on the asphalt.

A V8 kart to be registered at the auction

With long teeth? Well, at this moment Bring a Trailer is auctioning a unit that with less than 7 days to go to the end of the bidding has a maximum offer of $ 22,666, about 19,603 euros at the current exchange rate.

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