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Expert Proposes Treaty to Govern First Contact with Aliens

The possibility of first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization is a topic that has been pondered by scientists and philosophers for centuries. While there is no concrete evidence that such a contact will ever happen, some experts believe that it is only a matter of time.

In a recent paper, John Gertz, a non-scientist, argues that we need to start planning for the possibility of first contact now. He proposes a treaty that would govern how humanity interacts with extraterrestrial intelligence.

The treaty, called the "Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in Humankind's Relations with Robotic or Biological Extraterrestrial Intelligence," would outline the following principles:

  • First contact should be peaceful and open.

  • All nations would have equal access to information about extraterrestrial intelligence.

  • No nation would be allowed to take unilateral action in response to first contact.

  • All nations would work together to ensure that first contact is beneficial to humanity.

Gertz argues that the treaty is necessary to ensure that first contact does not lead to conflict or exploitation. He also believes that the treaty would help to unite humanity and promote cooperation in the face of a common challenge.

The treaty has been met with mixed reactions from the scientific community. Some experts believe that it is a necessary step to prepare for first contact, while others argue that it is premature and unrealistic.

Only time will tell whether humanity will ever make contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. However, the treaty proposed by Gertz is a thoughtful and comprehensive proposal that could help to ensure that first contact is a positive experience for all involved.

In addition to Gertz's proposal, there are a number of other organizations and individuals who are working to prepare for the possibility of first contact. The SETI Institute, for example, is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. The Institute has developed a number of protocols for how to interact with extraterrestrial intelligence, should it ever be detected.

The possibility of first contact is a complex and daunting one. However, by working together and planning ahead, humanity can increase its chances of having a positive and beneficial experience when the day finally comes.

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