Experts warn of the racism of self-driving cars

Experts have warned that self-driving cars may have difficulty recognizing dark-skinned faces in the dark, as they may be racist in nature, because they are unable to detect dark-skinned faces, and the Scottish Law Commission says that racial bias has infiltrated To the design of automated vehicles and systems, which could have dangerous consequences.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, autonomous vehicles are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) which is trained to detect pedestrians in order to know when to stop and avoid a collision. But this inherent bias effectively means that anyone with a non-white skin tone may be more at risk of being involved in an accident in poor lighting conditions.

Self-driving vehicles may also be biased against women and those with mobility impairments because their operating systems have been largely trained by capable men.

The Independent Authority sets the legal framework for introducing self-driving cars on UK roads, and says in its joint consultations with the Scottish Law Commission: The systems may not have been trained to handle a full range of wheelchairs and mobile scooters.

She added that the technology poses a risk to some people, such as women of small stature, the elderly, and children because it was developed with adult males in mind.

The current facial recognition software may also exhibit a bias toward male white faces over dark-skinned people, and the accuracy of facial recognition systems may be significantly reduced.

The self-driving car market will be worth nearly £ 42 billion to the UK by 2035 according to the Department of Transportation, and 40% of new car sales in the UK could have autonomous driving capabilities, but autonomous vehicles can only be widely adopted. After it can be trusted to drive more safely than human drivers and solve the problem of racism.

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