Exploding butts in The Last of Us Part 2? The infected Shambler was to be different

One year after the release of PlayStation exclusivity The Last of Us Part 2, we learn interesting details from the development. Infected Shambler knew as a bumbling creature that sprays jedovaný gas. But the developers intended it a little differently. In the pre-alpha version of the game, instead of bulging bubbles on his head, he had a huge red ass that swelled and exploded, releasing toxic clouds. Ellie should be on the lookout for a post-apocalyptic nuclear fighter.

In the video from TechNClub (above), we can also see that the Shambler was supposed to be smaller. The question is how this change would speak to the gameplay. Would you take such a version of Shambler?

Let's add that Shambler can't bite the victim. Instead, it secretes a special acid that is so strong that in many situations it is better to avoid the beast and attack from a distance. Naughty Dog previously explained the existence of the Shambler. According to them, this mutation was caused by the rainy environment and the infestation in Seattle.

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