Explore pre-Hispanic Mexico with the video game Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale

Over the years we have seen how video games have evolved and not only in the way they are seen, but also in the way they are played, the design of their levels, and the stories they tell. We have even been able to play great titles based on historical events from different parts of the world. Many of them have told us stories that happen in important periods in regions such as Europe, the United States, and various countries in Asia. Even so, there is little representation that we have seen of the history of Latin America in this industry, although that is about to change thanks to the increasing development of video games by Latin creators.

Such is the case of Meta Studios, who are working on their first game that is based on the Mexican pre-Hispanic era. This is Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale, a third-person action and adventure title that will take us to explore and learn about the history of different characters during the Spanish conquest.

There will be three main characters and with each one, we will have a different perspective of what happens throughout the game, with different missions and combat techniques. “One of them is a Mexican warrior who will have combat missions. On the other hand, there will be a Spanish captain with whom you will have to lead the campaign to enter Tenochtitlan and there will also be the perspective of a third protagonist who will be located in the middle of these two worlds, commented Guillermo Alarcón, director of the game.

These and other characters will be played by different actors such as Horacio Rojas, the protagonist of the Netflix series Diablero and Isabel Bautista, the protagonist of the Amazon Prime series Hernán, along with the participation of more artists such as Roco Pachukote, vocalist of Maldita Vecindad.

In addition, each one will have unique mechanics, for example, the ability to transform into different animals according to the deity that grants them that power. “Now we are working on giving the character skills such as nahualism that can turn them into different animals. Every time we have contact with a deity we will achieve some kind of magic and we will be able to transform ourselves, for example, into a jaguar or a wolf ”, Guillermo added.

Everything will take place within an open world that encompasses the entire Mexican Republic and also part of Central America, with a special focus on the details within the settings, as well as the cinematography and the way the story is told, taking as inspiration great PlayStation titles.

“In the case of the scenarios, we were inspired by Ghost of Tsushima, in addition to its battle mechanics and cinematics. Also, on the side of spiritism and the development of themes such as shamanism, we pay close attention to Horizon Zero Dawn. In addition, because of the way we will tell the story, we paid a lot of attention to The Last of Us Part II, as well as its setting and dialogue system, added the creative director.

Currently, the project takes about six months of development and while working on its design and programming, the study is in talks with some publishers to reach an agreement and get greater support that allows them to increase the number of people who let them work on the game.

Similarly, the game will be part of a campaign on the Kickstarter donation platform, to which you can now register and participate. In this case, in addition to helping with fundraising for development, it will also help increase interest from large video game companies.

“If we decide to create a project where Mexicans can identify with the characters, it is important for us to have close contact with the community. Also, important video game brands are interested in a project that has some kind of success among the people to evaluate the risks of the investment ”, Guillermo added.

Finally, Meta Studios recognize the importance of a project like Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale, because apart from representing Latinas and Latinos around the world, it can also serve as a door for developers from the region to become part of the industry, just as Guillermo highlighted.

“The most important thing about the game is that the proposal is very deep because it could create a great impact among developers in Latin America. We want each and every one of us to feel proud of who we are, the place we belong to, and our ancestors. Besides, having a great scope we can help to promote the development of videogames with this and many other topics in the region ”.

You can learn more about Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale on its official site within Steam by clicking here. And you can also sign up for their Kickstarter campaign here.

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