Facebook allows its employees to work from home after Corona ends

Facebook said its employees can continue working from home after the Covid-19 pandemic, and join other tech giants who have told employees that they can work remotely forever. Facebook previously said that employees may continue working remotely until June. 2021.

But Brian Harrington, vice president of Facebook's human resources team, told the BBC that some employees were really thriving at home and wanted to continue working remotely. For example, parents who are closest to their children are happy to cut their commute time and improve their workday. They are happy to work from home.

Harrington added that employees can apply to their managers for permanent work remotely, and said that remote work is the future, but it was not an easy adjustment for some employees.

On the other hand, Facebook plans to reopen Silicon Valley offices in May with a maximum capacity of 10%, according to a Bloomberg report, and the report said that workers will be required to wear face masks, social distance, and in some cases, take a weekly virus test.

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