Facebook app will soon show prompt to iPhone, iPad users encouraging opt-in for ad tracking


Facebook is testing a new full-screen prompt feature for iPhone users, which will remind users about the social network’s data collection. The pop-up will reportedly be rolled out before Apple's own ad-tracking update. In the upcoming the iOS 14 update, app developers like Facebook will be required to show users pop-up asking permission to track the user data across websites and apps. In case users opt to reject the request, it would get hard for Facebook to show the people targeted ads that make up for the bulk of the company’s revenue.

According to Facebook executives, the pop-up’s language would be alarmist and this feature would discourage people from accepting it.

Facebook is testing the prompt feature that would appear before the users see the prompt from Apple. The prompt asks for similar permission but frames them as a way to get ads that would be more personalized and support businesses that rely on ads to reach customers.

Facebook wrote in a blog post-Monday that Apple’s new prompt feature would tradeoff between personalised advertising and privacy, whereas Facebook provides both and the Apple prompt provides no context about the benefits of personalized ads.

For now, the Apple pop-up isn’t required for apps but Facebook says that it would test it to learn more on how users respond before the privacy rule are applied

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