Facebook bans an account spreading misinformation about Bill Gates due to conspiracy theories


Facebook has banned a user's account on its main social media platform, due to the participation in writing, creating, and sharing conspiracy theories about Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and those theories claimed that Gates is connected to the vaccines that are produced to counter the emerging coronavirus.

The account owner, Irene Elizabeth, has been spreading false information about the famous businessman during the past few weeks and claims that Gates was introducing microchips to people through the vaccination program by implanting them in vaccines, in order to obtain information about people continuously and immediately.

The ban came after the Advisory Council on Human Rights report recommended that Facebook impose stronger standards in order to fix the mess caused by anti-vaccination activists.

Bill Gates commented on the allegations, according to techstory.in, I have never participated in any kind of microchip, it is hard to deny these things because they are so stupid or strange.

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