Facebook cuts some of the salaries of its remote employees

Despite Facebook's support for employees to work from home and remotely, the social media giant has hinted that employees who leave their designated work area and move to their home country for work may face a pay cut, according to a BBC report, Breen said. Harrington, Vice President of Facebook, we pay based on the local cost of labor in the market, so there will be wage variance for remote workers, based on where they work.

This means that if an employee working on the California campus decides to return to India and work remotely, the employee may see a salary correction and be paid according to the local cost of labor. Meanwhile, Harrington said that Facebook's support for employees to work remotely does not It has to do with cutting costs.

In a BBC report, she stated that some employees thrive while working from home and said, for example, parents who are closest to their children and are happy to cut their commute time and improve their workday are happy to work from home. Working from home also hasn't worked out for many employees. We have people manipulating their caregiving responsibilities, and we have people who live in small apartments with their roommates, and these people really want to go back to the offices, and we are working hard to do that, once it becomes safe to open our offices.

At the same time, the president hinted. The Facebook CEO has already indicated that about 50% of his employees may work remotely over the next five to ten years.

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