Facebook enhances its interest in religion with the prayer feature

After months of experiments, the company began experimenting with an updated "prayer" feature, which is now available through limited groups of users in the United States. Group admins can enable the feature, to make it available to members. Then, users can ask others to share their prayer, via a button that appears under the post.

Interacting with the supplication publication is no different from any other publication, as commentators can click a button after which the phrase “I prayed”, just as the phrases “liking”, “love” and “laughter” appear.

And now that prayer posts will be treated just like any other post in terms of the privacy policy and data collection and will be used to tailor ads to suit the interests of each user.

Through this experiment, Facebook aims to court worshipers and believers, as it considers them a vital sample that can provide fertile ground for investment.

The American company began thinking about strengthening its cooperation with religious groups in 2017, by establishing a specialized team called the "Religious Partnerships Team".

However, with the outbreak of the Covid-19, the Facebook platform automatically turned into a pilgrimage for followers of religions, through which masses, Friday sermons, and prayers were transmitted.

Thus, the pandemic has accelerated Facebook's plan, and made the company's efforts more urgent, according to the head of Facebook's "Faith Partnerships Team", Reverend Nona Jones, according to Reuters.

And the US "Religious News Agency" had talked about Facebook's intention to launch the prayer service last April.

Nona Jones said, "Our mission is to give people the ability to build communities, and it will extend to the largest community in the world, the Faith Community."

Facebook officials see faith groups as one of the largest users of the company's products.

User data during the pandemic period showed that the category of spiritual interests had significantly inflated.

During the period of complete closure, the company provided some churches in the United States with tools that facilitate broadcasting prayers and filming content, such as phone mounts during filming, and microphones. It also launched a special website to provide training for leaders of religious groups, on how to film content.

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