Facebook: Hate speech is said to have been reduced by almost 50%

Facebook is currently under criticism: For example, former employee Frances Haugen brought all sorts of internal documents to light and made the statement that the social network cares too little about the well-being of its users. Mark Zuckerberg's platform was quick to deny the allegations. Accordingly, a new blog post now explains that hate speech in the social network has recently been curbed by almost 50%.

According to the in-house Community Standards Enforcement Report, posts with hate speech made up only 0.05% of the content that was viewed. This corresponds to about 5 out of 10,000 views. This allowed the visibility of hate speech to be reduced by 50% within the last three quarters. You can use your technologies to proactively identify hate speech and remove it as quickly as possible if the terms of use are violated. So you hardly rely on users to report the content and instead go to work yourself, often before a user has even seen the posts concerned.

Facebook says they are currently crafting a narrative based on leaked data that is inaccurate and neglecting the company's progress. The documents would only demonstrate that the fight against hate speech will not be won overnight, but will go on for years. Especially since you should not only concentrate on removing the posts, but also on the views that were actually achieved before Facebook could intervene - at least Facebook itself notes.

You don't want to aggressively block or remove content, the whole thing is a balancing act. Therefore, in cases of doubt, the protective mechanisms would also set flags so that a human employee could examine the case. Especially since you have increased: When you began to collect your data on hate speech, only 23.6% of the content that was later removed could be proactively recognized. A share of 97% is now achieved here. The frequency of hate speech has decreased significantly in the overall result.

Facebook is the only company that has its data verified independently by experts in order to create transparency. A detailed report is available here. One can say: That Facebook is now naturally fighting for its image is not surprising. Many such statements will certainly follow in the next few weeks.

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