Facebook: We invested $13 billion in security and safety over 5 years

The social network Facebook highlighted the progress it has made over the past years to address challenges such as safety, security, and misinformation, explaining that it has invested more than $13 billion in this aspect since 2016. In a report on its website, the social network said it has 40,000 people working on issues of safety, security, and responsible innovation.

The update comes after a series of important reports from the Wall Street Journal last week, which claimed that the company was aware of the negative effects of its platforms on users but did little to correct these problems. But the Facebook platform criticized the reports and said that they contain Deliberate mischaracterizations.

Among other efforts that Facebook has highlighted, Facebook has been able to disable and remove more than 150 secret influence operations on users since 2017, and banned 3 billion fake accounts in the first half of 2021, with the help of artificial intelligence tools.

The social network added that it had taken a comprehensive approach to combat misinformation, including building a network of more than 80 independent fact-checking partners and removing content that violated community standards, including more than 20 million false information about Covid-19. and vaccine content.

It is noteworthy that Facebook has faced criticism over the content it leaves or removes, as well as scrutiny about whether the social network is applying its rules fairly. Following last week's reports, US lawmakers are also pressing the social network to reveal more details about Instagram's impact on teens' mental health.

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