Fake Microsoft Store pages trick users into downloading malware


A report published by Bleeping Computer revealed the presence of some fake pages in the Microsoft Store that are working to trick users into downloading malware.

Microsoft has added many improvements to the Windows platform during the recent period, but it is still facing many threats from malware that clearly affect the devices compared to competitors, as it is possible to penetrate any of the Windows devices smoothly by downloading an application that contains viruses or malware.

Also, the presence of the Microsoft Application Store did not prevent hackers from launching malicious programs that appear in the Microsoft Store in the form of fake programs and applications, and with difficulty browsing in the Microsoft Store via the browser, as clicking on the Install button in the application leads the user to the Microsoft Store to finish installing the application.

In the malware that was spotted on the Microsoft Store pages, an application is not actually installed when clicking the Install button, which may not be noticed by users who are accustomed to installing zip files, so when the download starts, these malicious programs steal information from devices.

The Bleeping Computer report confirmed that this malicious program is able to steal information such as passwords, folders, or screenshots of the hardware interface, as well as the codes for the users' wallet, where this data and information is collected in a zip file and then sent back to the hacker.

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