FarFarOut is the most distant thing in solar system

The space object FarFarOut is Really far away in our solar system and for comparisan, Pluto takes 246 years to complete one orbit around the Sun. But FarFarOut takes 800 years to take a single round trip around the Sun. FarFarOut is 132 astronomical units away from the Sun (1 astronomical unit = 150 million kilometres) and is just 400 kilometres across (250 miles) in size. It was discovered in 2018.

Before its discovery, another very distant space object was discovered in 2018. It was 124 astronomical units away from the Sun. The object was really far out, and a surprised exclamation from Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institution for Science gave it a nickname Farout.

The distances involved in studying FarFarout are so huge that constant astronomical observations are needed to take place for several years just to plot its trajectory. FarFarOut has a weird orbit around the Sun. It is wildly oval. At its furthest, FarFarOut is 175 astronomical units away from the Sun while at its nearest, it is 27 astronomical units away.

Scientists think that Neptune's gravity is the reason why FarFarOut has such a wild orbit around the Sun. It is expected that more interaction between Neptune and FarFarOut is likely in the future.

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