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Farming Simulator 22 developers talked about improving the game engine

More and more developers are using ready-made game engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Godot Engine, CryEngine, and others. But the creators of Farming Simulator 22 still only use their own technologies.

Giants Software is well known for its agricultural series, which has sold well on PC, consoles, and mobile devices for many years.

With the advent of Farming Simulator 22, the creators have prepared another iteration of the Giants Engine 9. It is thanks to its modification that the new part will become more beautiful, richer in all kinds of effects, and much better optimized.

New engine features include DirectX 12 support, object occlusion, new MSAA methods, improved shadows, and many modern rendering methods that will make the game even more realistic. The creators do not want to switch to external engines, because adapting them to the needs of Farming Simulator 22 (and the entire series as a whole) will take too much work.

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