Features a hands-free smart car key


It is now possible to carry the car key on the mobile and opt for a series of advantages over a conventional system.

It is based on UWB, ultra-wideband technology, and is a smart key developed by Hella in which a car manufacturer has already shown interest. It will begin to be used within a maximum period of two years.

This key is integrated into the smartphone and allows access to the vehicle in a more comfortable way since when the system detects it, the doors are unlocked.

Smart remote opening key

With this Hella Smart Car Access, drivers can open and close their cars without using a mechanical system, somewhat similar to a hands-free system, and they can also start the engine without having to take a classic key.

In fact, from a distance of 50 meters, the mobile phone is automatically detected and recognized by the vehicle. As soon as the driver gets within two meters of the car, it is unlocked. To start the engine, the mobile must be inside.

This Hella Smart Car Access allows vehicle access authorizations to be digitally managed and shared, which is very useful for carsharing services or for fleet providers.

This Smart Car Access uses ultra-broadband technology.

Customizable information can also be stored on the phone to activate additional features related to comfort or personalization, such as synchronizing a welcome or interior lighting.

To implement these functions, Smart Car Access uses the aforementioned ultra-wideband technology that allows a very precise location, even by centimeters, and also avoids the danger of relay attacks, that is, the unauthorized opening of a vehicle remotely.

In addition, this smart key continues to work even in situations without an internet connection. It is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.

Ultra-broadband technology

Hella already used this UWB technology in classic remote keys in 2019 and they were endorsed by a study by the ADAC (German Automobile Association) that highlighted the safety of this technology.

As Björn Twiehaus, Hella's managing director responsible for the electronics division points out, we manufacture around 25 million classic remote keys per year for a large number of well-known automakers around the world. That means we already have a leading position in this field. Building on our strong technological foundation, we are now taking the next step with our smartphone-based Smart Car Access by making vehicle access even smarter, more convenient, and safer, thus leading to a new level.

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