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Ferrari's first SUV Purosangue released


Due to the good performance of the SUV market, some supercar brands have also launched their SUV models and achieved great success. Now even Ferrari, which previously claimed to never make SUVs, has also launched Its own SUV model, of course, officially called the car FUV model - Ferrari Utility Vehicle, namely "Ferrari Utility Vehicle".

Ferrari released this FUV model called Purosangue, which means "pure blood" in Italian. Overall, this car is not as tall as a traditional SUV, similar to a coupe SUV or a pulled-up FF. The body size is 4973mm long, 2028mm wide, 1589mm high, and the wheelbase reaches 3018mm.

On the front part of the car, Purosangue is treated with a layered air intake grille. There are hollow lines in the center of the LED light source headlights on both sides. There are also cooling vents under the headlights. The side is the shock absorber cooling vent.

From the perspective of contour design, the overall body curve of the Ferrari Purosangue is rounded, as seamless as possible, and connected with the hood and windshield with the largest curvature, with a smooth roof and rear spoiler, bringing the lowest wind resistance coefficient.

The Ferrari Purosangue adopts a side-by-side door design similar to that common on Rolls-Royce models. The rear door design can be opened at a maximum of 79 degrees and is equipped with a hidden door handle.

In terms of interior, the Purosangue is inspired by the classic SF90 model, with a symmetrical center console design, LCD instruments on both sides, and a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel. The new car is equipped with four fully electric seats with heating functions, a one-piece shape, and a wide flank design, and the front seats of the new car also provide five types of three-intensity massage functions. In addition, the new car comes standard with the sound system of the Voice of Berlin.

In terms of power, the Ferrari Purosangue is equipped with a V12 self-priming engine, which can output a maximum power of 725 horsepower at 7750rmp and a maximum torque of 716Nm at 6250rmp. In the transmission system part, the car is matched with an 8-speed F1 DCT gearbox. The acceleration time from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers is only 3.3s, the acceleration time of 0-200km/h is 10.6s, and the top speed can reach 310km/h. In addition, the new car will also provide a "4WD-S" all-wheel drive system, which can also achieve independent steering of all four wheels.

In terms of the selling price, the starting price of the new car in overseas markets is 390,000 euros (about 2.7 million yuan), and the domestic price starts at 4.2 million yuan. The new car is scheduled to be delivered in the middle of next year and will be imported into the domestic market next year.

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