Fewer developers are releasing Mac apps in the App Store

The latest research indicates that developers are becoming less and less interested in releasing new apps on the Mac App Store. According to analyst firm AppFigures, the number of new apps introduced to the Mac App Store has been steadily declining since the beginning of this year.

In 2020, developers released an average of 392 new apps on the Mac App Store each month (300 to 400). In January 2021, over 400 new macOS apps were released on the Mac App Store. In June, that number dropped to less than 300 new apps for the first time. By the end of August, about 200 new applications were released in the Mac App Store. Compared to previous years, it is clear that developers are not interested in distributing Mac apps through the Mac App Store.

Unlike iPhone and iPad, Mac allows users to install apps from outside the App Store. Mac owners can simply download the apps directly from the developers website. Apple also expected developers to release their iOS apps in the Mac App Store for Mac M1 computers, but only a handful of them were available on macOS.

Some developers have also complained about the Mac App Store in the past because there was no easy way to offer trial or discount packages - not to mention the fact that Apple takes a 30% commission on every sale made in the App Store. In most cases, Mac applications are easier and cheaper to distribute in other ways.

Earlier it became known that Apple went to an amicable agreement with the developers : they can now advertise other payment platforms, from which Apple does not receive any royalties.

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