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Fido script 1.31 update unblocks Microsoft

Fido is a PowerShell script developed by the author of the Rufus boot disk maker. The main function of this script is to automatically visit the Microsoft official website to obtain the download link of the Windows retail version ISO so that users can download the original Windows ISO image file from the Microsoft official website more easily.

Fido author recently released the latest version 1.30 and disabled the ISO download function for all versions of Windows 8 to Windows 11. He said Microsoft appears to have deliberately blocked download requests for the script from their download servers, and it could take a long time to fix the problem.

Now that Fido has been updated, thanks to developer William Bulin, the issue has been resolved. The changelog has been updated for the new Fido version 1.31 and now reads:

Restore Windows 8 → Windows 11 ISO download (fix #41)
Big thanks to @williambulin for fixing this!

However, Fido did not elaborate further on Microsoft's server limitations.

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