Find out the value of the salaries of Facebook employees

Business Insider got salaries from thousands of work visa applications that Facebook submitted to the US government during the past year 2020, as companies must disclose salary information, but it is limited information that lacks the salaries of executives, and it does not include grants. Company stock to employees, or the effect of experience in determining wages.

Essentially, all of Facebook's key workers earn a 6-figure salary a year, but some jobs earn more than others. Business Insider stated that the largest salaries for non-executive positions within Facebook are in its core operations in the (engineering and marketing) departments.

The site gave the example that an in-house ad agency manager hired last year earns just over $330,000, while the engineering director makes nearly $360,000. The American website pointed out that while Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gets the lowest salary of anyone in the company, which is set at only one dollar a year, he is still the richest person within its walls, or most of its walls, explaining that his net worth is in In 2021, it ballooned to $134 billion.

Facebook salary

The “Business Insider” website said that it depends on the job, but it increasingly depends on the place of residence of the worker as well, indicating that a data analyst in the US state of California, for example, earns between $130,000 to $150,000 a year, while an analyst earns One data in Texas $128K, another $111,000, a software engineer in New York City earns $160,000, another in Rhode Island and another in Texas $118,000 a year.

Data and engineering

A “software engineer” within Facebook earns from 118 thousand to 270 thousand dollars annually, which is the same percentage that a “product manager” gets, while a “data engineer” earns from 100 thousand to 233 thousand and 353 dollars annually.

Devices and Networks

An “electrical engineer” in Facebook earns from 110 thousand to 185 thousand and 968 dollars annually, while an “optics scientist” earns annually from 130 thousand to 188 thousand dollars, and a “hardware engineer” from 153,480 to 230 thousand dollars and a “network engineer.” From 110 thousand to 217,874 dollars

Politics, content, and search

A “content strategist” on Facebook earns from $121,000 to $180,000 annually, a “creative copywriter” earns $170,000, a “public policy director” gets $262,000, and a “UX researcher” gets $120 to 182 thousand dollars annually.

Business, Management, etc.

The “product marketing manager” on Facebook gets from $140,000 to $220,000, the “international marketing director” gets $315,000, the “internal communications director” gets $297,000, and the “financial manager” gets $150,000 to 254,000 dollars, and a “business analyst” from 123,000 dollars to 169,000 dollars annually.

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