Firefox gets a redesign with bigger tabs


The Mozilla Foundation has launched a redesign of the Firefox browser, and one of the changes you might notice first is a new look for tabs. And web browsers don't often get a design overhaul, so it's worth digging into the details to see what changes when that happens. And with the latest redesign of Firefox, Mozilla says it has become concerned with reducing distractions, extra clicks, and wasted time.

To this end, notifications now take up less space. You also see fewer alerts and messages, and when they appear, they display a clear design and language to make them less cluttered.

As part of the redesign, the tabs also received a tweak and are now larger than they were before. The tabs now have a curved design and appear to float above the menu bar. In Google Chrome or Safari, by contrast, the tab in focus appears to be connected directly to the toolbar. Mozilla used this method to remind users that they can rearrange tabs as they see fit.

Company said, we separated the tab from the browser in order to move it, rearrange it, drag it to a new window, and organize it so you can find it.

Redesigned Firefox

After focusing on eliminating distractions, the company has also made it easier to mute and unmute noisy tabs. Mozilla has also simplified the toolbar and the three-bar menu. The company says it has standardized additional menus to reduce clutter and put the procedures people use most often in an accessible place. As part of the toolbar redesign, the shield icon inside the URL bar will glow to indicate that Firefox's Enhanced Privacy Protection is running in the background.

Mozilla also modified Firefox's privacy mode. Full browser cookie protection is now turned on by default when using the tool. This means that Firefox stores all cookies separately so that no websites you visit can share this information. Across iOS, Mozilla has paid special attention to reducing the number of steps needed to use some of the browser's key features.

As Mozilla itself notes, your browser is your window to the Internet. It can make your web browsing experience better or worse.

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