Firefox will have built-in OCR image text recognition

A new feature has appeared in the Mac version of Firefox Nightly Firefox browser. When using the right mouse button to click on a web page image, a " Copy from image " pop-up menu appears in the pop-up menu. Text " option. This feature is currently only enabled by default in the Mac version of Firefox Nightly and has not yet been launched on a large scale. When the user clicks this option, the Firefox browser will pop up a window prompting "Searching for text in images", and then automatically copy the recognized text to the user's clipboard.

According to reports, the feature uses macOS' native OCR capabilities, specifically the API VNRecognizeTextRequestRevision2. Therefore, this feature is only available on Mac computers with macOS 10.15 or later. This feature has been mentioned on Mozilla's bug tracking website, pointing out that users can select parts of the text to copy, or use the screen reading function to read the recognized text aloud. In addition, the feature will also be implemented in the Windows version of the Firefox browser, there is no mention of whether it supports Linux.

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