Five exciting offers that are currently available for new Audible customers

Do you already have square eyes from all the series that you always binged? It is high time to give the TV (and your eyes) a little break. And that's exactly where Audible, the audiobook subscription from Amazon comes into play.

What's included in an Audible subscription?

With an Audible subscription, you can listen to an audiobook of your choice from Audible every month. Additional audiobooks are available for subscribers at a special price of a maximum of 9.95 euros. In addition, there are all Audible Original Podcasts, which you can stream unlimitedly at no extra charge. In total, you can choose from more than 200,000 titles. Prepare yourself for entertainment for the mind and ears as well as rest for the Netflix-afflicted eyes! And if you're tired of Audible, you can cancel your subscription at any time. There is no minimum term or deadline for this.

These 5 Audible offers are available especially for new customers

The service normally costs 9.95 euros per month. But there are currently five exciting Audible offers for new customers. Which deals are these and how (or whether) you can secure them?

1st offer: Audible free month

The first Audible offer is always valid. New customers can test the service for 30 days free of charge before taking out a subscription to see it for themselves. Your savings: 9.95 euros.

2nd Audible Offer: Two listening experiences for free

The second Audible offer is only valid for new Audible customers until December 31, 2021. This means that you can listen to two listening experiences completely free of charge in your trial month. This saves you a total of 19.90 euros (corresponds to the contribution fee for two months).

3rd Audible Offer: Four months at half price

With the third offer, you pay half the price at Audible for four months. You will receive a total of four titles of your choice, for which you will be charged only 4.95 euros instead of the usual 9.95 euros. So you save 20.00 euros.

4th Audible offer: 60 days free for Echo owners

The fourth Audible offer is aimed at owners of an Echo loudspeaker. If you have bought an Echo Dot (3rd Gen. / 4th Gen.), Echo (4th Gen.), Echo Show 5, or Echo Show 8 and registered on the device with your personal Amazon account, you can use Audible for 60 days use it for free and save 19.90 euros.

5th Audible offer: Free month and Amazon voucher for 5 euros

Offer number five is similar to offer number one - with a small bonus! There is also a free trial month here. The difference: New customers also receive an Amazon voucher worth EUR 5.00. This offer is valid until December 31, 2022, saving you EUR 14.95.

What you should know that about the Audible offer?

The five different Audible offers only apply to new customers. After the free or promotional period has expired, the subscription is automatically extended by one month and you will be charged the full membership fee of 9.95 euros. Of course, you can cancel or pause the subscription at any time, there is no deadline or minimum duration. Even if you cancel, you can keep all of the audiobooks in your library because they are yours forever.

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