Five tips to take portraits capturing the essence of people

Exclusively, photographer David Muñiz, a member of Fujifilm's X-Photographers program in Mexico, gives tips for better portrait photography.

The photograph of a portrait offers endless possibilities. “It is the art of capturing the inseparable character of a person within a photograph. I think this type of photography goes way beyond just clicking on images of people. It is part of capturing his essence, state of mind, the moment he is living, etcetera, ”said David Muñiz, member of Fujifilm's X-Photographers program in Mexico.

The expert shared with Tech Bit some tips that all people can apply when taking portrait photographs of their friends, family and even a client who requires it.

Comfort above all

Find that the person you are photographing feels comfortable with the session. Before shooting, tell your model what ideas you have. You can send him some references so that he is aware of the meaning that the photoshoot will have, and what you want to communicate with the photographs. The more communication you have with your model, you will achieve that is in the same tune and feel greater confidence in the session.

Address your model with respect

Even if it's someone you feel a lot of confidence in when you're creating this kind of picture should ask if you feel is comfortable with the poses, the clothes, and so on.

Creating a pleasant environment for your model, at the time of the session, will allow you to develop satisfactorily in front of the lens, making you have incredible photos. Remember that being in front of the camera can be difficult for some people; be patient and be as warm as possible.

Lighting is everything

One of the tips that make your portraits have that visual punch is to play with light to highlight the facial features of our model. Do not be afraid to place your subject in the backlight, front light, and so on. Experiment as much as possible so that you can detect which angle of light will work best for the photograph you are taking.

Watch your focus

Sometimes, when we use a very open aperture, the focus can play a trick on us and focus on something that we did not want such as clothes or that the face of our model is out of focus.

If in your portrait what you want is to highlight the person's face, direct the focus towards the eyes, that will aesthetically make our portrait feel more visually attractive as a spectator.

Remember that there is no perfect way to capture a portrait

Creating these types of photographs means immersing yourself in a creative process that combines art and technique to create eye-catching images that capture human emotions and expressions.

Do not be afraid to have fun and always experience new things, you will surely have an excellent result.

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