Flash calls, the new method in WhatsApp to verify your account


You probably already know the process by heart. Every time you change your cell phone you have to either access a backup to obtain all your information or download each app you use again. If WhatsApp is among them, you know that you have to verify your number and, for this, after entering your phone, you receive a six-digit authentication code that you must type in the app. After the process, you can access your chats. But it looks like that will soon change though the new Flash calls feature.

The platform is testing a new way to verify the number and authorize the use of the app on a device. While for now, it is just a test that has been released for the beta version of Android, if it is released for all users, the new feature called Flash call will allow the application to be automatically authorized on a phone when trying to log in to WhatsApp.

What will change, according to information from the WABetaInfo portal, is that the messaging app will request permission to access the phone's call log? If users authorize it, the next time you change your cell phone, WhatsApp will make a call, which will not be necessary to answer, to automatically verify if it has been received, so that it will no longer be necessary to enter the code that arrives through a message.

It is important to note that, according to the company, owned by Facebook, it will only ask for access to verify the account, that is, once authorized, it will no longer collect any information from the call log. It must also be said that the function will only be compatible with Android since iOS does not allow applications to read the call history.


In addition to the new verification option, another novelty that WABetaInfo announced and that was confirmed by the messaging platform itself, is that it will soon be possible to have the same account on several devices.

As you know, currently it is only possible to have the WhatsApp account linked to a cell phone number, and the only option to see it on another device is to enable the web version. But it is not possible to have it as an app on another smartphone. Also, if the phone runs out of battery or internet access, it is not possible to access chats. But that could be about to change.

A few days ago, WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart confirmed to the WABetaInfo portal that the company is working on a function that will allow the same account to be linked on up to four devices.

Although the platform pointed out that it is a great technical challenge to synchronize all messages and content on various computers, they assured that they expect to have the version ready in about two months.

One more novelty that is worth mentioning is that they are working on the development of messages that disappear as soon as they are read and also on a tool called View Once, a function that will only allow you to see the photos and videos for a moment in the chat, then they will disappear permanently.

Finally, one more function that WhatsApp is working on is in the recovery of the chat history when the phone number is changed. It should be noted that currently, if the smartphone is changed, but the same number is maintained, users can request to see the backup of their chats, but they could soon recover all their information on multiple devices.

The intention of this new tool is that users have the opportunity to verify their identity and, once that is done, they can see all their chats regardless of whether they have changed their device or cell phone number.

Although, as we usually point out in these cases, all these are tests that the application will carry out little by little, so we cannot guarantee that they will be released for all users.

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