Flight of Italians on Virgin Galactic rocket plane postponed

Virgin Galactic Holdings on Friday announced it was postponing its first commercial suborbital flight to mid-October due to a potential manufacturing defect.

Virgin Galactic said a third-party vendor warned of a possible defect in a flight control system component during preparation for a test flight.

"At the moment it is not yet known whether there is a defect in the company's devices and what repairs may be required if any," - the source of the words of the company cites.

The launch was originally scheduled for late September or early October. The crew includes three representatives of the Italian Air Force and the National Research Council.

The company also attributed the delay to the mission, called Unity 23, pending FAA clearance. The FAA is studying the July flight of billionaire Richard Branson. Then the rocket plane deviated from the intended descent trajectory, which is why the agency banned further flights until the end of the investigation, designed to assess the degree of public danger of the incident.

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