Flying electric car Airbus CityBus NextGen presented


Aircraft manufacturer Airbus, founded in 1970, demonstrated its vision for urban transportation of the future with the CityBus NextGen, an unmanned flying electric vehicle. The company first unveiled the CityBus concept car back in 2019. However, then the design was more like a drone with eight propellers for vertical takeoff and landing. The company has now redesigned and redesigned this vehicle. In a new design, the aircraft now has a V-shaped tail unit.

Airbus intends to enter the emerging urban air mobility market. CityBus NextGen is a fully electric flying car that can be used as a taxi or as a personal vehicle. CityBus NextGen can carry up to four passengers with zero emissions and a range of 80 kilometers at a cruising speed of 120 km / h.

The company claims that the car will be fairly quiet even during takeoff and landing. Airbus helicopter CEO Bruno Even said: we are committed to creating a completely new market that sustainably integrates urban air mobility into cities while addressing environmental and social concerns.

Airbus is convinced that the real challenges lie not only in urban integration, social acceptance, and automated air traffic control but also in automotive technology and business models. We use every opportunity to provide safe, sustainable, and fully integrated services to the community. - Airbus
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