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Follow these simple steps to find out who visited your profile


The phrase Know who visited your profile became famous on Facebook because of the large number of people and pages that falsely claim to provide this feature, but an effective and proven way to find out has recently been revealed.

And the site offered a real way to know the last who visited your personal page on Facebook, which is intended for the computer version of Facebook and not for the application on smartphones.

This method is summarized in the following simple moments:

  • Open your personal account on Facebook, then click with the right mouse button anywhere on the page, a menu will appear for you.

  • Choose view page source, then press the CTRL + F buttons on the keyboard, and a search bar will appear at the top right of the page.

  • Type in the search bar, the phrase BUDDY_ID, then press Enter. The phrase will appear highlighted in yellow and next to it is a number consisting of several numbers.

  • Copy this number, then open a new tab and type in and then “/” and then paste the number that was copied in the previous step, and press Enter. The personal page of the last person who visited your profile will appear.

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