Ford Bronco Raptor: The Predator is Coming


The new and resurrected Ford Bronco has become one of Ford's greatest premieres, to the point that in the first 24 hours its reservation website crashed several times.

There is no doubt that the new Ford 4x4 has been a success thanks to its combination of the neo-retro design in a pure 4x4 format. But with the model already shown in its multiple versions, some of the most capable already, many begin to wonder if, as in the case of their pick-up models with the F-150 and the Ranger, there will be a performance Raptor version. under the new Bronco. In fact, as we have seen in videos and images, some designers have even begun to imagine their designs based on renders.

All these speculations had an official confirmation at the end of last year, one that adds to a recent track on LinkedIn from a Ford employee that the project is underway. And it is that the long-awaited Ford Bronco Raptor has in fact been going out on the streets for some time as our spies and a series of videos have been showing us.

The Raptor designation prevails

Some photos to which now, already in the second half of 2021, a new incursion of this new predator is added where it still hides its main features due to camouflage, but without hiding its more off-road position with a greater suspension journey, large wheels, and fenders for a more imposing image and a grill that, as in its Raptor brothers, will come with the famous grill with the word "FORD" presiding over its front. In fact, these last photos seem to show us an even higher posture than on other occasions, although this new prototype has practically a camouflage quite similar to other occasions.

These latest appearances are in addition to others such as the recent video by CrawlerUtah, a channel for off-road fans in Utah that crossed paths with the expected model when he went for a walk in Moab. A model on which the Warthog surname was also shuffled, although now we know thanks to our spies, who cite an internal source from Ford itself, that the name chosen has finally been that of Bronco Raptor.

Where it has already been fully discovered is in the ceiling area that now shows a curious format with different pieces that seems to offer a modular and easily removable formula. In addition, these last photos show us a model that hides curious wiring under the body that reveals that there could be a hybrid version on the menu.

The amount of camouflage is still generous enough to speculate on its more differential details, but the main features of the Bronco such as its round headlights with the turn signals in the middle and fused with the grill or its particular hood are present. However, here we meet again with a specimen that, as we imagined, arrives with greater ground clearance, and what seems to be much wider and more monstrous wheel arches, accompanied by thicker tires.

We also found what will surely be a revised chassis and suspension, more robust even than those of the Bronco Wildtrack - currently the flagship of the range - to thus become the true king of off-road accompanied by BF Goodrich AT All-Terrain T / wheels. They don't seem to be particularly large either, although the shapes of the camouflage may be misleading about the dimensions of this prototype.

Also hybrid?

In terms of mechanics, although there is nothing official yet, it is easy to imagine a 3.0-liter EcoBoost engine with about 400 HP of power installed under its hood, that is, the same mechanics that are already offered by models like the Ford Explorer ST and that would fit of cinema with this chassis to devour dunes like his brothers Ford F-150 Raptor and Ranger Raptor do.

Another good example of inspiration is the recent Ford Bronco 4600 concept car built to race the Baja 1000 and equipped with special Fox shocks, 35-inch BFGoodrich T / A KM3 off-road tires, and a 2.7-liter Biturbo EcoBoost V6 engine. A model of which this possible Raptor / Warthog could take part of his DNA.

However, the great novelty that these new photos leave us is the appearance of a hypothetical Bronco Warthog Hybrid version that in theory would add an electric part to the EcoBoost V6 3rd Biturbo engine to create a powertrain similar to the one already used by the Ford group models. like the Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring where it yields about 500 hp of power and 854 Nm of maximum torque.

Imagining the recipe

In the absence of more details about its differential features compared to the rest of the range, many have begun to speculate on the final appearance of this even wilder Bronco. In fact, some designers have begun to imagine the design it will have.

This is the case of TheSketchMonkey that has taken as a reference all those features that identify the Raptor family, the elite within Ford's off-road models, such as its smaller and reinforced lower bumpers, slightly larger wheels and fenders accompanied by some more aggressive tires, side skirts, a more aggressive front with auxiliary lights, and a sportier grille, and of course a blue color that has become the hallmark of the Raptor and Ford Performance models in general.

In the absence of official confirmation by Ford, another possibility as a name for this more performance Bronco, which should not rule out the existence of the previous one, is that it bears the surname Warthog, a name more identified with rock climbers such as models of Jeep, that with dune eaters like the Raptors.

We will have to wait to see what Ford surprises us with, but given the success of this new Bronco and its fondness for offering performance models, Ford is sure to prepare a wild and fun version of the Bronco that will live up to what was offered with its pick brothers. -up.

Premiere in 2022

The latest rumors around this new Bronco Raptor speak of a premiere in the second half of 2022, to go out with the name Model Year 2023. That's when the wildest Raptor joins its pick-up siblings, the Ford Ranger Raptor, and the F-150 Raptor.

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