Ford Fiesta 2022: A soft drink and keep the party going


It came to the market in the summer of 2017 and how could it be otherwise, the Ford Fiesta of seventh-generation soon hogging much of the attention and sales in its segment. Thus, it is not surprising that the oval brand wants to give continuity to its utility vehicle par excellence, with a complete restyling.

What you have in front of you are the first images of the new Ford Fiesta, which will be ready in mid-2022 and which, as you can see for yourself, will keep its crossover-looking variant and its sportier line. And in fact, the test units that our spies have hunted both in Cologne, Germany and in Belgium are the so-called Active and ST-Line. The first of them, as usual, includes specific and large wheels, a raised suspension, and some specific moldings and protections on the underside of its body, in addition to the longitudinal roof bars. As for the second, it is characterized by displaying specific bumpers, larger wheels, and a series of emblems located in different areas of the body, as well as tinted windows.

A complete restyling

If we focus on the Active, some of the elements mentioned are perfectly recognizable despite the camouflage that this prototype includes, on the other hand, others have been buried by it, more intense in the back of the car than in the front. However, on the front of the Ford Fiesta 2022, we will also find changes compared to the current model, especially in the bumper, but also a grill that promises to be more aggressive and in headlights with LED technology and different light signature.

Behind the reform promises to include some light clusters more robust and also revised bumpers though we expect some extra surprise from Ford to it has hidden this area of the vehicle. However, the ST-Line completely reveals its rear, and the only camouflage is found on the top of the taillights.

As CARANDRIVER media spies tell us, the change inside the utility will be greater than outside, with technology as the main protagonist, but also with notable improvements in sections such as ergonomics or general perceived quality. Some controls will change their position and it is expected that there will be greater possibilities for customization and lighting, to conceive a more colorful and at the same time, more complete Fiesta. Driving assistants and system multimedia will be the main beneficiaries of the restyling equipment level.

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